Running with your Dog – the benefits of using canicross equipment

Posted by Ginetta George, 4th January 2016

All dogs love to run and if you love running too, the natural thing is to grab the lead and start running together. However,  jogging together with your dog on a lead is not ideal. It can be uncomfortable for your arm and shoulder and likewise not great for the dog’s neck.

Canicross equipment is designed to enable you to run effectively and in balance with your dog, benefitting both of you and it’s great fun too!

Running with your dog

Canicross is a fun social sport which is becoming more and more popular in the UK. A great way to get fit along with your dog and using the correct equipment enables you both to run effectively.

  • Run Hands Free  – Your dog is securely attached via a bungee line to your canicross waistbelt, enabling you to run hands free, use your arms effectively and concentrate on where you are going.  The line has an elasticated section which helps reduce any shock or jolts.


  • Run comfortably and in balance – The canicross waistbelt is specially designed to sit on your hips and helps avoid any strain or pull on your back.  It also means you can use your core strength to help regulate the speed, stay balanced and in a good running position.


  • More comfortable for your dog – A well designed and fitted canicross harness, that sits comfortably and does not obstruct airways, means your dog can enjoy running with you – no more being pulled from the collar!  The harnesses are usually padded, designed to not to rub and sit on the correct pulling points for your dog.


  • Helps with training and building a bond with your dog – Running with canicross equipment means that you can focus on your dog, introducing verbal commands too ie. “left” “right” “forward” “with me/heel” –  which in turn helps build confidence and trust.


  • Run anywhere! – With your dog running securely with you, this means that you can run in places that might otherwise be inaccessible or where they need to be under close control.

At Dogfit we are passionate about encouraging and supporting people and their dogs to get fitter together in a fun, safe and social way. If you want to start running with your dog and have any questions on getting started or kit, please drop ups a line:

NB – Your dog must be fully matured before they start canicross. This is typically around the age of one year old, but may vary as dogs mature and grow at different speeds. We would strongly recommend that you seek advice and guidance from your vet if in any doubt.

Canicross Starter Set


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