My Story : Tiffani Ogilvie and how canicross has helped her Staffordshire Bull Terrier Misty

Posted by Gail Walker, 13th September 2017

Tiffani Ogilvie and her gorgeous six year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Misty only recently discovered canicross and the benefits of getting fitter together.

But Tiffani has also seen such a noticeable improvement in Misty’s behaviour since joining DogFit Canicross Trainer Clare Grierson’s classes that she believes “more people should hear about how fun and effective canicross is!”

running with staffies and dogs

Tiffani is sister to respected dog trainer and behaviourist Craig Ogilvie so she certainly knows a thing or two about what motivates a dog and builds that ever essential bond between them and their owner.

We stole a few minutes of Tiffani’s time to find out exactly why she thinks every dog owner should discover the benefits of hands free off-road running with their dog.


1. What exercise were you doing before you discovered canicross?

Before I started canicross, I just hated the thought of any form of exercise but after our first canicross 1-2-1 with Clare, I couldn’t wait to go back!

We have been going regularly for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it and look forward to going every week.

Running with dogs and wellbeing

2. So what exactly makes canicross so special that you now have a totally different approach to exercise?

I love the idea of getting out with Misty and doing something we both enjoy. For me it’s much more fun than going to the gym or running alone.

We’re working as a team (especially as she pulls me up the hills!) which also helps build a stronger bond between us.

Training for Staffordshire Bull Terrier

3. Can you remember what it was like attending your very first canicross class?

When I went along to our first canicross group, I was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everyone else but that soon faded as I realised there was no pressure to keep up and everyone could just run at their own pace.

It is also nice to run with other people as most of the time while running we are having a chat and a laugh and you don’t realise how far you’ve actually run!

I never thought I would be able to say I was running 5/6K a few times a week!

4. And how has Misty taken to this new hobby with her mum?

She loves it as much as I do! Since we’ve been going to canicross, I have seen a massive improvement in Misty’s behaviour.

She is a lot calmer at home and when we go out on our normal walks there’s no pulling on the lead anymore.

It has also been great for her to socialise with other dogs regularly which is helping her build up her confidence.

Canicross classes in Enfield

5. How has canicross helped with Misty’s general fitness?

Misty is a bundle of energy and I was struggling to find ways to channel her energy. This is where canicross came in!

It has helped build up her fitness but also gives her the chance to let her energy out in a fun way.

6. What would you say to anyone contemplating trying canicross with their dog?

I highly recommend canicross to everyone who is thinking about it!! You will not be disappointed!

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Tiffani Ogilvie is a client of Clare Grierson, an experienced DogFit Canicross Trainer and dog behaviourist based in the Enfield area. You can read more about Clare here or contact her directly via her website.

Not in the Enfield area? See our full listing of classes here.




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