You don’t just have to canicross with your canicross kit!

Posted by Gail Walker, 16th June 2019

When I invested in my canicross kit it was with the primary intention of running with my dogs, and that is what I’ve mostly used it for.

But it wasn’t until I went on my first ‘sheep filled’ holiday with the dogs, that I realised just how marvellous the kit is simply for hands-free lead walking!


Canicross equipment for off-road hands-free walking

Walking my dogs off-road with the canicross kit is so much easier than a normal lead.


Up until I started doing canicross, any holidays to places such as The Lake District and Wales – two of my favourite walking and hiking destinations – consisted of over eager dogs, keen to explore their surroundings, pulling constantly at their leads. But, not wanting to take any risks with the sheep, it meant there were few places I could let them off the lead. So I put up with a strained arm and shoulder instead!

Over the last few years, whilst on subsequent trips, I have put my canicross gear to excellent use and replaced this for their ordinary leads. The dogs are much happier…and so are my shoulders! It makes for a much more relaxed and stress-free hike all round.


Walking hands free with the Dogfit canicross kit

Hands-free walking off road is definitely the way to go!


Yes, there are walking lines you can buy, but if you have a particularly strong pulling dog or you need to walk more than one dog at any one time, the canicross kit gives you that bit more comfort and support; the waist belt sits on the top of your bottom so you don’t get any nasty jarring to your back and the bungee line gives extra cushioning from the pull of your dog. The dog’s harness is excellent quality and designed especially for dogs that pull so you can rest assured that both you and your dog are using quality equipment that will last.

One of my favourite places to visit is The Lakes and, with three dogs on tow, packing the canicross equipment has been the best thing my husband and I have done.

So my advice is, don’t dismiss investing in canicross kit because you don’t run. There are other good uses for it, and if it makes life easier for you to go hands-free walking without the stress of holding a strong pulling dog by the lead (or even if you just want the luxury of being hands-free) then it’s seriously worth considering.


Using Dogfit Canicross kit for off-road hands-free walking

I’ll always use my canicross equipment for off-road walking when the dogs need to be on a lead






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