Which are the best trail trainers for Canicross?

Posted by Ginetta George, 24th November 2020

Canicrossing is a rewarding sport for both you and your dog, having the correct kit ensures you are both comfortable and can run safely and in balance. However, being sure-footed is also important too and we are often asked which are the best trail trainers to run in?

Canicross Trainers
To answer this question, who better than international Canicross medalist, Georgie Lambert. As well  as competing at Canicross for Great Britain, Georgie also manages a group of sports shops, Alton Sports. We’re sure you will agree, she is very well qualified to guide us all!

Regular Trainers vs Trail Trainers – What’s the difference? 

Trail trainers have more durable uppers – and helpful in all weather conditions. They also have stiffer, stronger sole units to help protect the foot from stones, roots and twisting in the wrong direction. The sole is usually more flexible too so you are able to move more comfortably over mixed terrain.

With mixed weather conditions throughout the year, you may end up with a least two types of trail trainers for canicross.

  1. Canicrossing in Summer conditions, on harder tracks
  2. Canicrossing in Winter conditions for wet muddy conditions

Trail trainers are designed to take on the intense impact of technical terrain, whilst offering a lightweight ventilated feel. Comfort and fit is key – but it’s the grip from the sole is what sets trail trainers apart. For canicross especially you need to feel confident on your feet.

Trail Trainers for Canicross

Georgie’s recommendations for finding the right Canicross trail trainers
The perfect Canicross shoe for one person might not be the best for you and something to bear in mind when you get recommendations or browsing online. Always try to visit a specialist retailer for help and advice before purchasing. Trainers will vary in width fittings, sizing and even the way they lace up. So you really need to try them on your own feet before you buy to make sure they are the best for you.
Finding the perfect trail shoes will depend on the following:
  • The distances you run
  • The terrain you are on
  • What time of year and weather conditions
If you are running over 10k you will need to think about the shoes cushioning’s and support somewhat more than if you were running 5k and under.
If speed’s your thing, you will be thinking more lightweight with max grip.
During the dryer months, you can sometimes get away with wearing a road shoe on the trails. However, you will miss out on the durable upper that a trail shoe gives you, which might lead to brambles tearing your shoes or rocks stumping your toes!
During the wetter months, a deep lugged shoe is preferable for canicross. A shoe with a deep grip will help when stopping and also gives you more confidence to run with your dog as they always pull stronger in wet/cold conditions.
In both conditions, Georgie recommends a shoe with a responsive midfoot. This is typically a springy feel, that gives you back energy and makes you feel like you are being pushed into your next step. It also helps keep your foot moving in the direction of your dog. A strong responsive shoe will help guide your foot, protect from ankle roll and help bounce off each stride.
Some of the brands Georgie regularly recommends for canicross are: ON, Inov8 & Salomon.  Alton Sports have shops in Farnham, Gosport, Four Marks and Eastleigh, and are available for expert advice and guidance. Georgie is always happy to help with canicross specific enquiries too. www.altonsports.co.uk

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