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Posted by Ginetta George, 11th March 2021

There are so many health benefits to getting outside and running or walking with your dog. Especially now, during the pandemic lockdown when so many of us are exercising solo, having your dog with you every step of the way is a joy. 

One of the great things about Canicrossing or Canitrekking with your dog, is that you are joined together securely with the kit. Whether you are walking or running, having your dog attached to you makes you feel safer on the trails when running alone. You are also secure in the knowledge that your dog can’t run off, or get lost.

We’ve put together some top tips to consider when you head out alone together on the trails.

Comfortable Kit

Wearing Canicross kit that has been correctly fitted means that you can concentrate on good technique and run hands-free. Your dog also has unrestrictive movement and can enjoy exercising with you every step of the way. It can also be a good idea to wear bright clothing so you can been seen easily.

Working with your dog

Using voice commands when canicrossing your dog has many advantages. For example, encouraging your dog to keep their “on on” command as they approach people can be a good idea. This will not only teach them not to be distracted, but also so that passers-by can see you and your dog are “working” and not necessarily out for a “my dog wants to meet yours” scenario.

Route Planning

It’s a good idea to let someone know your route and the likely time of your return. Always take your phone with you, and there are a number of different Apps that you can use to track your location.

  • Strava Beacon
  • What3Words
  • WhatsApp live location
  • Dog tracker location
  • LiveTrack Garmin feature

A woman looking out over the heather in Dogfit Canicross kit with her dog

First Aid

If you are planning to be out for extended periods, consider taking a basic first kit with you that might include:

  • Water for you both you and your dog
  • Energy Snacks
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Essential Meds
  • Fully charged phone
  • Space blanket or extra jacket for a change in the weather

Injury Prevention

Consider including some exercises alongside your canicrossing to help stay strong on your feet. This can help improve your proprioception (control and balance), reaction times, joint position sense, and of course, muscle strength of the lower limb. All of which can help prevent ankle ligament sprains. We have a blog featuring these exercises which you can find >> here.

Have Fun

Running or walking in Canicross kit, means that you will never run alone and you are secure in the knowledge that your dog is with you every step of the way.  #fittertogether


DogFit manufacture our own range of kit in the UK – you can find our range of hands-free running or walking kit >> here.

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