GET OUT & GO! New food range especially for active dogs

Posted by Ginetta George, 5th October 2021

Heritage dog food brand Skinner’s launch a new dog food range Get Out & Go! to encourage dog owners and their dogs to get outdoors and stay active with a diet to support every adventure.

As part of its commitment to the great outdoors, Skinner’s is partnering with DogFit, leaders in the Canicross space who, like Skinner’s are passionate about encouraging people and their dogs to get fitter in a fun, safe and social way.

A picture of Skinners Get out & Go dog food range

Over the past year, the UK has witnessed a fitness frenzy, with running app registrations up by as high as 667%.*  The benefits that keeping fit and active can have on our physical and mental wellbeing are clear and its equally important to keep dogs active to aid their physical and mental health.

Having recently celebrated its 50th year anniversary of fuelling our treasured dogs, Skinner’s has unparalleled expertise in dog nutrition and a genuine love for dogs, as well as an understanding how dogs and their owners benefit each other’s wellbeing. Studies have found that dog owners are around four times more likely to meet physical activity levels, as they motivate us to get outside and exercise and boosts endorphins for both parties, all whilst reaping the benefits of fresh air, vitamin D, and a strengthened bond between you and your canine companion.

The new Get Out and Go! range has been designed for dogs that are ‘born to be outdoors’ as Skinner’s, a brand well-known for its connection to the British countryside, aims to inspire us to get  out and go with our dogs, from woodland walks, to long runs and intrepid trials, whilst ensuring that your dog is well-fed.

Meeting the dietary needs of the more active dog, the range comprises of wet foods, training treats, dry foods and innovative protein and recovery bars to complement the diet of active dogs, giving a boost or aid recovery as needed.

Each diet is made with superfoods and wholesome, 100% natural ingredients, all locally sourced where possible and grain free to ensure all dogs maintain peak health. From local baker’s hand baking the treats in sustainable wood fired ovens, to wet foods packed with antioxidants, Skinner’s has gone the extra mile to meet the nutritional needs of all dogs bringing high quality and high-performance diets to every dog, from puppyhood to senior years.

Ginetta George co-founder of DogFit said:
“DogFit have introduced thousands of people to the wonderful sport of Canicross, learning how to get out have fun and get fit with their dogs, in a fun, safe and social way. 
We are delighted to be partnering with Skinner’s and remain committed to encouraging and supporting people and their dogs to enjoy keeping fit and active; whether their goal is to simply enjoy the social side of the sport, run their first 5k or compete in events.”

Skinner’s is also the official supporter of parkrun, an inclusive run event with options for all levels, and of course options for your dog to join in on the fun too.

Be sure, however, to build up exercise with your dog slowly, to ensure you don’t overdo it. It may be best to speak to your vet to suss out the best suited activity, and of course ensure you’re both getting enough fuel and nutrients in your diet to power you through.

Get Out and Go! is also good for the planet, not just your canine companion, made with 100% sustainable packaging, which is widely recyclable, you can keep yourself, your dog and the planet happy for longer.

To purchase the new, Get Out & Go! range visit

Skinners Logo featuring a Working Cocker Spaniel Puppy sitting between a pair of legs

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