The importance of fat and protein in your dog’s diet

Posted by Ginetta George, 1st November 2021

The new Skinners wet and dry GOAG diets are balanced and complete and so provide all the nutrients your dog needs in all the right quantities. They also have a diet to suit every life-stage and activity level, which are made with carefully balanced nutrients including protein and fat to help sustain performance and support recovery.

Why do dogs need dietary fat?
Dogs preferentially use fat as a source of energy, so for highly active dogs, a moderate to high level of fat in the diet is important as it can help to fuel intense and prolonged periods of activity. This is especially key for dog who may be exercising in cold, wet or demanding conditions as fat is critical to support both activity output but also for bodily warmth and to support heat generation. Not only this but dietary fat is essential for supporting the absorption of key fat-soluble vitamins, regardless of whether a dog is highly active or not.

Why do dogs need protein in their diet?
Protein is essential in an animal’s diet to support growth, repair and regeneration of their tissues. Protein can also be used as a source of energy in the body; however dogs will preferentially use fat for energy. Much of the body consists of protein and it is important that a good, quality supply of protein is supplied by the diet to replace that used daily by the body- nutritionists often refer to the quality of a protein based on the composition and its digestibility. Protein can be supplied in a dog’s diet from ingredients such as chicken meat meal, which provides a highly digestible source.

Is my dog being fed the right diet?

  • When taking it easy, try Lower Energy. This diet is our lowest fat adult diet at 12% and lowest protein adult diet at 24%. Formulated for those with lower energy demands or those who would benefit from a lower fat diet, for example to keep the weight off. As a complete diet this can be fed on its own or mixed with our Everyday Energy wet food to create a varied and appetizing meal.
  • For day-to-day energy requirements, try Everyday Energy. Our balanced and complete recipe provides a moderate level of protein (26%) and fat (14%) to provide the nutritional requirements of active dogs. Feed on its own, or in combination with our Everyday Energy wet food for a delicious and nutritious meal.
  •  If working hard, why not try Extra Energy. Dogs with activity levels exceeding those of the typical pet might need additional energy to be supplied in their diet in the form of calories. The metabolism of dogs preferentially uses fat as a nutritional fuel source, so our diet is formulated to provide a good source of dietary fat for energy (18%) and a good source of protein (30%) to support recovery.

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