Treats for Christmas- the benefits of treats and energy bars

Posted by Ginetta George, 12th December 2021

Looking for a way to treat your dog this Christmas? Skinner’s have created a new range of delicious treats and energy bars, which can make a tasty reward for our pets and are ideal for active dogs who love to Get Out and Go!

Get Out and GO! treats
Our new training treats make a delicious reward for dogs and can be fed as a complimentary snack alongside a complete and balanced diet. Our recipe uses delicious and nutritious ingredients such as salmon and carrot, as well as ingredients such as ginkgo biloba which can help support their cognitive health. Our treats have a soft-bake texture and make an ideal choice for active dogs during training sessions or on the go. Ideal for dogs from 2 months of age onwards.

Get Out and Go! Energy bar
Our new GOAG energy bar has been designed to help sustain dogs during periods of intense activity. With ingredients like honey and dextrose for energy, as well as chicken and whey as a source of protein for healthy muscles. Our grain-free recipe also makes this an ideal choice for dogs with dietary sensitivities.
This bar is designed to be fed during periods of intense activity to give dogs a boost and can be portioned according to the intensity and duration of the exercise. We recommend feeding this alongside a complete diet as a complimentary snack for active dogs.

Get Out and Go! Recovery bar
Introducing the new GOAG recovery bar, designed to support dogs after periods of intense or prolonged activity. Made with ingredients like chicken to support recovery, as well as banana, apple and blueberries for their antioxidant benefits, plus glucosamine and turmeric to support healthy joints. Furthermore, our grain-free recipe means it can be the ideal choice for dogs with sensitive tummies.
The recovery bar can be fed within 30 minutes of activity to help replenish muscle glycogen and support muscle repair and recovery. It is designed to be fed as a complimentary snack alongside a complete and balanced diet, to help active dogs to perform at their best.
All in moderation!

While it’s important to positively reward our dogs, treats and energy bars should not make up any more than 10% of their daily food allowance. This is to avoid unbalancing the diet and help minimise the likelihood of unwanted weight gain. It’s important to regularly weigh your dog and assess their body condition score, so you can monitor and manage any changes. The PFMA have produced a helpful guide called the ‘Dog-Size-O-Meter’, which can help owners to body condition score their dog.
Not only do we need to keep an eye on what we feed our dogs, but it’s also important that our dogs have access to fresh, clean water at all times.

If this has given you food for thought, listen in to our podcast about treats at Christmas for your dog: >> here

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