Why join a DogFit Canicross Class?

Posted by Ginetta George, 1st January 2022

The great thing about our Dogfit Trainers is that, along with their knowledge of Canicross and love for dogs and exercise, they each offer something unique through their classes. Whether it’s experience in dog training and behaviour modification, qualifications and experience in personal training or their experience of trail running within their area. Customers don’t just get an exercise class, they get added value from a DogFit session. They are also certified to teach Canicross having completed their training with us.

What to expect during a session or class.
Our Trainers offer a wide range of services that cater to each and every dog’s and owner’s individual needs. Both of you can be complete beginners looking for a fun, friendly and social environment to exercise in. But equally, if you are already active individuals looking to try out something new and exciting, they can help!

Our Trainers have a large amount of experience in many aspects of the sport, some in canine behaviour modification and training, some in personal training along with knowledge and understanding of a variety of dog breeds. They are able to advise the best route for you and your dog and are on hand to keep all classes under control. Our Trainers offer one to one sessions if a dog has any form of behavioural issue which deems it unsuitable for a group environment at first to enable them to build confidence before entering a group environment.

Canicross Coastal Path

Who are DogFit classes suited for?
The services our Trainers offer welcome anyone who is looking for a new and fun way to exercise with their canine companions. If you’re looking to have fun with your dog in a safe, social environment then these are the classes for you!
Any level of fitness, breed, size and energy are welcome. We ensure everyone is catered for and comfortable. From Canitrekking through to Canicross, there’s no harm in trying, it may turn out to be something you both love!

 What if I’m worried about whether I’m fit enough to join a class?
There is absolutely no need to feel intimidated or nervous as our Trainers have sessions available that cater for beginners and people that haven’t experienced running before. You won’t be alone as everybody is in the same boat and they have programmes designed to help build levels of fitness/distance/speed and confidence up gradually over the course of a few weeks.
They ensure everybody feels comfortable and enjoys the experience. All our Trainers want to make sure their classes are as fun as they are beneficial! It’s about enjoying yourself as well as getting fitter together.

What would you say to someone who already runs but hasn’t ever given Canicross a go?
From personal experience we have found that exercising with your dog(s) is a fantastic way to stay motivated, get fit and have a lot more fun than you would running alone. The motivation that comes from running within a group also helps make it a consistent activity with regular sessions to attend, there’s no reason not to run.

It really does transform the entire experience, making it far more enjoyable and aids the sport in becoming more social as you are able to interact with people that have similar interests to you. It also allows you access to more areas of the countryside as your dog is under control at all times.

 What are the main benefits of getting fit with your dog?
As you’ve probably gathered, there are an entire spectrum of benefits keeping fit with your dog provides. One that we see regularly is the unbreakable bond that is formed when carrying out such activities with one another. It’s a real team sport.
Dogs are a great support system when it comes to exercise; they never let you down and you can work with each other whilst enjoying every second. It must of course also be mentioned the vast amount of health benefits keeping fit provides (longer lifespan, joint and liver disease prevention, etc).

What results do you see from dogs where their exercise needs are being met?
When a dog has received the essential exercise, training and love that they require, they transform. Dogs are so much happier, more relaxed and less likely to create or develop problems when their needs are met by their owners.

They don’t ask for much, however when they receive the essentials, their behaviour and bond to us in return is like no other.

DogFit offer a wide range of Canicross classes. For complete beginners learning how to Canicross, right through to courses and drop in sessions.

Here’s just a few of the comments our DogFit Trainers receive:

Lara in Cornwall “I never knew that trail existed and I only live 5 miles away. You’ve opened my eyes to some exciting new routes for walks as well as runs!”

Michelle in West Pennine area “I thought Canicross was complicated when I googled it & needed help with getting the right kit but once Michelle explained all about how the kit works and how to use the Canicross commands, I realised how simple it actually is”

Alistair in Bradford “My clients appreciate learning how to communicate effectively with their dog and also how they enjoy finding out more about the sport and the different opportunities that are available for them to get involved further.”

Laura in Huddersfield & Wakefield “Clients enjoy meeting up to receive coaching, information and suggestions as well as trying the various pieces of kit on”

Marianne in Flintshire & Wrexham “Initially I was quite nervous to be attending the session and taking myself out of my comfort zone but it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself and Bella and we look forward to future sessions with Marianne”

To find out about DogFit Canicross classes in your area, please visit our classes page >> here 

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